Friday, April 24, 2009

Miss Perez vs. Miss Californication

Now this will be a helluva way to start out a new blog - with a topic that I don't even care about, but apparently people are being consumed with this thing, so not having seen any publications that really address what I'm here I am.

What the hell am I talking about you say?  Miss Californication & Miss Perez.  If you've been outside enjoying good weather you may have missed it but here's the gist of it:

At the Miss America pageant, Perez Hilton (a judge, wtf?) asked Miss California's question. He wanted to know if she was for the legalization of same-sex marriage.  She replied that her belief was that marriage is between a man and a woman.  And from there it just got dumb. Perez has been berating her ever since on every forum he can imagine, and she is doing the tv circuit "defending" herself.  

I've read blogs and stories from every angle on this.  Oh the poor Christian beauty was crucified by the evil homo.  Oh Perez is so right - that lil pageant princess should burn.  Oh Perez needs to go away because he looks bad for the gay community.  Oh Miss California lost the crown because of her honesty.  Blah blah blah.  So what do I do?  I just add more to the blah blah blah.

My thoughts:  blah.  To me the whole thing is just part of the silly entertainment industry.  

Perez Hilton - who I haven't heard much about til now - is just looking for another 15 minutes of fame to add to his small collection.  Not a bad move if it is making him money, but giving him any more value other than entertainment value is just silly.  He is not anybody's representative.  He's not in Congress, he's not the homo community elected official, he's not the head of some mega-company, he's not in charge of squat except him, his blog, and his mouth.  So just to be clear, Perez does not speak on behalf of all homos - whether some of us agree or disagree with his latest tyrade.  We don't have a leader, we never will, we're entirely too individualized, and you'll just have to ask each of us what we think if you want to know.  

Miss California is definitely getting her 15 minutes of fame.  She's gone from making appearances at local grocery store ribbon-cuttings to national headlines on major broadcast networks.  If that's what she was aiming for then she succeeded.  She says she lost the crown because of the question.  Now according to, that question is only worth 5% with all the categories far outranking that one question.  It really does not delve into how they are supposed to judge those questions - is it based on content?  based on the delivery?  based on personal opinions of the content?  But let's face it - Miss America is not our spokeswoman.  That would be the POTUS.  We do not elect Miss America (or Miss California) to do squat.  She has as much ranking as Perez Hilton.  But knowing what she knows about the contest, and knowing Perez is a homo, she - not the question - lost the competition for herself.  Comprising her integrity you say?  Hello...swimsuit competition - didn't she already give up her integrity?  

Bottom line...  these two people mean very little in the big scheme of things.  If they want to parade around all over the net and news bitching at each other so they get a little bit more of face time with those willing to watch - fine.  It's America, feel free to do so.  But let's just all remember this is just entertainment - nothing more, nothing less.  It's no big deal.  Neither of them have any authority to do diddly.  

So change the channel or turn off the tube, find your loved ones, and cook a big dinner & laugh about it.  


  1. Jazz, I hate to say it but I use to be a big fan of Perez, back in his Page Triple Six Blog days (wow that's was probably around 7+ years ago!) However, over the years as he's gained popularity, he's also become a very mean, nasty person (which probably explains why so many like him now) so I quit reading him some time ago. He's vicious about using his blog to tear down celebrities he doesn't like and he seems to consider himself one of THE TOP VOICES for the gay population. He loves to use his blog to "out" suspected gay celebrities by hounding them until they finally cave (He was ruthless on Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris). Then when they officially annouced their sexual orientation to the world, he was all cheers about their news, calling them brave for "doing the right thing" WTF? The Right Thing? it's their sexual orientation! If they don't want to announce and talk about it to the world, they shouldn't have to, or if they want to, they should at least have the choice of doing so when they choose, not because they have a ruthless blogger with his millions and millions of readers breathing down their backs, chomping at the bits, because they just have to know who's sharing this celebs bed at night. Sorry, I'm ranting....Perez is just another example of what happens to people when they finally get the fame they wanted so bad. I'll be glad when his 15 minutes of fame is over...and saying that leads into the whole point of his question at the pageant...entertainment and ratings by using shock tactics, he's gotta keep his name out in the media, and that failing pageant certainly could use the increased following a stunt like this will bring. I think they rigged Ms. C into getting Perez on her question. Regardless of how she answered (for or against) there was going to be a stink rise into the air, and those running the pageant knew it. While I don't agree with her, I do have to applaud her for being honest and stating her beliefs instead of lying to please the judges and audience with a sugar coated answer just to win a beauty contest.
    However, beyond that statement, as you said, this is all about entertainment, and while Perez thinks he did something great for the US gay community, I think he took it a step backwards. I'm with you, don't go questioning the beauty queens, take it to the law makers, the ones who actually can make a difference.

  2. I think you're right was totally rigged for entertainment & ratings. But so many people are taking this soooo seriously, and I guess my old age just keeps me from taking the entertainment industry too seriously any more.

  3. ANd next year...people will tune in!