Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lake, KY (part I)

We spent the weekend with my sister-in-law & her family on their houseboat on Lake Cumberland. We've had a great time! I decided to post just to say that I have blogged while on water - it's the little things in life :)

Spending time with family for us is quite possibly at the top of our goal lists. We've lost some very close family members early in our lives and that has made us realize that we do not want to miss out on sharing our lives with our families.

Now I could carry on about how everyone should cherish their families, but why restate the obvious? Instead, let us talk about the lake.

I did not consult Wikipedia, but I do believe that Kentucky has more lakes than any other state. We're not just talking pond water folks - we're talking big economy-generating water!

Kentucky is well-known for our horses and our bourbon; but, there is a sizeable segment of our country's population that knows us for our relaxing waterspots. This weekend, I have noticed many of the docked boats call surrounding states home. That is an impressive accomplishment of our tourism industry - having spent years of my life living on and visiting lakes, I cannot imagine driving to another state just to go to the lake! But here I am surrounded by locals and citizens of other states, all of us drawn to the Kentucky water.

So what is the big deal about the lake - it's just ole dirty water right? Of course not! There is so much you can do at the lake, it would be difficult to not find something fun for everyone.

My guess is that most people's primary focus when coming to the lake is the lake itself. The water can be enjoyed in so many ways. Boating is one of the more popular routes. Some have their own boat - bass boat, runabout, cruiser, cabin cruiser, pontoon, houseboat, etc. Some rent boats from the local marinas for a day or even a week or more. Maybe it's because my childhood was filled with boating summers or because I'm a Pisces, but simply being on the water is all I really need to enjoy - all else is bonus! I love just riding around, feeling that wind against my face; water misting on my sun-drenched skin. But do not fear! There are tons of things to do while boating.

And tomorrow, we'll talk about all of those.... But it's late and the water is gently rocking me to sleep.... Goodnite!

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