Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lake, KY (part II)

After a great night's sleep on the water, we packed up, and headed home today. It was a wonderful weekend and we greatly appreciate our family's hospitality.

So what is so great about boating? As I said, I just love riding around the lake. But there are tons of other things to do! Throw a rope behind the boat with a tube float attached or a person on skis or some other contraption and you have instant fun. Bring some worms and poles for fishing right off the boat. Drive out to the middle of the lake & jump out for a good swim. Find a nice quiet cove or beach to spend the day sunning and listening to good tunes. You're only limited by your own sense of adventure (and local liquor laws). One of my favorite memories was of fishing for croppy late at night. We'd tie lanterns off the back of the boat over the water. This would attract the shad (think minnows) which then would attract the croppy. I think I enjoyed being able to stay up that late as a kid.

So you cannot afford to buy a boat? Rent one! You can rent them by the hour, day, week, or longer: pontoons, runabouts, houseboats, jetskis, paddleboats, etc. But you do not have to have a boat to enjoy the lake.

A cheaper option is to buy a tent, reserve a campground spot near the water, and live with nature. These days most spots even have electricity & water! There are some where the spots are grouped closer together for a small community feeling; some have more private settings. There's usually a marina store nearby in case you forget or run out of food, drink, or just want to throw your money at souvenir stuff. Some also have restaurants. Usually they'll also have restroom and shower facilities. So you can actually rough it or not as much as want. Build campfires, go hiking, go swimming, or lay in the tent all day if you want. This weekend we walked through the campground and found a large group celebrating Christmas in July - complete with lights, trees, & santa hats. We asked one if them about it, and she said it was the best way for all of them to get together and celebrate a holiday. It was cool :)

Looking for even less investment - you can do that too! Many of the larger lakes have public beach areas. All you need to pay for is the gasoline to get there. Some have on duty lifeguards, most have picnic areas with tables and grills, and some even have playground areas. I have lots of great memories of swimming with friends & then eating cold - yes cold - fried chicken.

I feel certain there are a ton of other great lake ideas - some legal; some not. So after enjoying the warmth of bourbon in the winter and excitement of horse racing in the fall & spring, in the summer, make sure you enjoy another pride of Kentucky - our great lakes!

PS ~ about spending time with fam: KY lakes are a great way to do that!! Thanks again to Joe, Anne, Leah, & Nathan for a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I don't know about you but I keep swaying like I'm still on the boat.

  2. hahaha yeah I'm sitting at work swaying in my chair from side to side