Friday, May 29, 2009

Rest In Peace - Sara the sweet ole beagle

Last night, Ed arrived home to our neighbor upset over one of our dogs, Sarah.  It appeared that Sarah was coughing up blood.  Luckily, we have a great vet, and he agreed to meet us last night to have a look at her.  We honestly thought we were on our way to have her put down, because we thought the bleeding was internal, and we don't have much hope for that in dogs.  But when we arrived at the vet's, he pointed out that she had just cut her tongue badly on something.  He was going to stitch her up and all would be well.  We went home feeling relieved and happy that Sarah would be home the next day, and we were thinking about what kind of odd diet regimen she was going to be on for a stitched up tongue.

Unfortunately, this morning Ed called me to let me know the vet called him to say that Sarah had died during the night.  She had lost a lot of blood, and he tried to give her lots of fluids, but it just wouldn't work.  

We are sad, but we are happy that Sarah had a long, happy life.  She was originally the pet of a neighbor of Ed's parents.  When that neighbor's husband died, she moved to town, and left Sarah with Ed's Mom.  She was a "front yard" dog - never fenced in or tied up, just roamed the neighborhood with one of our other dogs.  Everybody loved her - she was a sweet old beagle.  When Ed's Mom passed, we inherited all her animal family, including Sarah.  Sarah didn't seem too happy that Ed's mother was gone, and seemed out of sorts for some time.  But then one day, it seemed a switch had flipped - Sarah was just so happy about something, not sure what.  Her little straight tail was wagging, and she had pep in her step.  We always tried to spend a little time with her and talk with her when we would get home.  She always greeted us - and anyone else - when we got home.  She seemed to smile and was moving pretty good for such an old dog.  Still don't know what made the change happen, but she was that way from then on - always greeting people, smiling, wagging her tail, and venturing out with Babes.  

We know she's happy still...being back with Queen Mom...and even ole Buttercup.  


  1. I love that photo with her and Ed's mom AKA Queen Mom! Now her an Buttercup get to romp around and play together once again...but tell Mallie she can't go anywhere for a long while, she has to stick around and guard the pool while being spoiled rotten.

  2. SHe had a poker face too! If you could say a dog had a poker face it was Sara! She would look at you with this grin that just said try it...and this grin was ALWAYS there! No tricking her!

    Thank you Sara for your love and watch on things. Your job was fulfilled here on Earth! Say hi to MQM for me!