Sunday, October 9, 2011

Change It Up!

If you been following, you'll know that for the past 2 weeks or less, we've been eating healthy by using lots of fruit/veggie shakes & salads served underneath a simple chicken breast.  We've changed it up a couple of times but that's been our mainstay.

This week so the brain & body don't get bored, we're changing it up.  In the mornings, we've been having a shake or "alien eggs"; this week, switching to only banana protein shakes for breakfast.  In the afternoon, it's been mostly shakes; this week we're going with different soups/stews common in the fall.  For dinner, it's been mostly salad with chicken; this week, salads are staying but as a side dish, with different things like healthy chili & healthy lasagna.  

I'm still feeling good - the big weigh-in is in the morning.  Still drinking my water.  And I've discovered apples are my friends :) Still maintaining under 2120 calories everyday - most days well under 2000; although I try to get closer so I'm not starving myself.  

More tips and lessons tomorrow, but for now I leave you with my recipe for my lunch tomorrow:  Curry Chicken Butternut Squash Bisque :) Yummmmy!

Yeah I totally cheated on the ingredient list and just snipped from  But basically you just heat up the Bisque; Throw in everything but the chicken.  Cook the chicken, then throw it in.  Oh spices!  Add a tablespoon of curry powder, dash of salt, dash of pepper, and roll on!

Hope ya like it!

PS - the numbers beside the food is the calorie count; total = 321

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