Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello Kiddos -

It's been a few days since I wrote anything down other than status updates on FB, so I thought I'd drop a few verses.

First, I had a lil smoking habit creep back that was leftover from Ham Days - kicked that to the curb so I'm good to go now.

Still feeling good, still under 2000 every day, and  15.2lbs lost so far since I started this about 2 weeks ago.  I am working my way towards another goal that I'm not ready to put out there yet, but it's working towards a more aggressive approach.  For now, I'm taking my own steady approach to it, and getting into the rhythm.  Once I feel like I'm in that rhythm, then time to push harder :)

So far there's only been one true relapse.  I just fell apart that day - I think it was week 1.  On week 2, I did have a weak moment and had a small square of a brownie.  At a Halloween party, I did have somewhat unhealthy bruschetta - but not out of control - and still maintained my calorie goal.  Also did our first DJ gig and ate healthy & didn't feel hungry during it - shakes, carrots, celery, no fat dip, popcorn.  Week 3 here we are.  Not just salads anymore - real food, salads, shakes, etc.  No fried, no breaded, no fast food, no gorging, no pop, no sugar, no corn syrup, lots of chicken, and a lil 96/4 beef.

Have had a couple of minor chopping injuries lol  Nothing bad, just annoying because it's been on the tips of my finger and one on my thumb, and then trying to get a band-aid around that sucks.  And then I'm supposed to type all day.  haha

In the next 5lb loss, I'm assuming MyFitnessPal.com will probably have me recalculate my BMR - how much calories I burn just existing - and I may drop below 2000 calories goal.  We'll see.  I think I'll be fine.  One thing I've got to work on is exercise.  I did it one day - and haven't done much since except cooking and some binder stuff that got me sweating at work lol  Transitioning to getting back on the treadmill must occur.

I'll keep you posted :)  Keep on eating green stuff!!  (I think I put spinach in everything I cook now lol)

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