Friday, October 7, 2011


Not much new food to post as far as recipes go.  Yesterday, I learned some lessons, so I thought I'd share.

  • More calories early:  By the afternoon, I had only had about 400 calories between breakfast and lunch shakes.  I crashed come 2pm, and probably my sugar plummeted, broke out in a cold sweat, and felt like fainting.  Luckily, I found a 80some calorie chocolate candy in the office and I stabilized.  BUT... lesson learned, eat as many calories as you can in the morning, a lil less in the afternoon, and well it'd be nice if the minority of the calories are at night but that's another issue for later.  Today at 8am I've already had 500 calories and I feel great.  Another 200ish calories for lunch and I"m good to go.  No more crashing.  But just in case, carry a banana or apple with you in case of sugar emergency.  Thanks Berty!
  • Carboration:  I'm guessing that because I've pretty much killed most "white" food from my diet that I may have gone into a light form of ketosis (see Atkins) this week even with the sugary fruit.  Because I had over 1600 calories to expend last evening because of my early day low intake, I decided to throw in some wheat pasta in our salad to mix things up.  While the pasta itself was only about 197 calories extra, and although it was wheat, the carbs made me feel like the blob.  I bloated up, and I'm sure the carbs soaked up all that water I drank, and gave me a nice lil tummy ache by this morning.  So if you're low on calories and you want to add some, try to do something that's not so high on the glycemic index otherwise you could start bloating and floating.  Not saying that you should go into Atkins ketosis mode, but if you're relatively low on carbs, add some back real slow and not with things like pasta or bread.
Also thought of a couple more tips to add:

  • Slow Water:  Drink a lot of water to keep hydrate, BUT don't gulp down 8oz in 30 seconds.  That can throw your whole sodium balance in your body out of whack and make you feel funky.  Drink the water throughout the day - like I have a huge 48oz mug on my desk.  It takes me about 4 hours to get through it & I feel nice and watery.
  • PB Dessert:  One thing that did my body right during Atkins was peanut butter.  I did the same thing last night - had a sweet tooth craving, so I took a big tablespoon of extra crunch peanut butter and just ate it.  Eat it in bites - not the whole spoon.  But this always seemed to stabilize my system and satisfy all the senses.
  • Measurements:  I feel pretty confident in my measuring of most food stuffs because I've cooked for a long time, but one thing I apparently suck at is measuring pasta.  Last night though we did measure out the pasta.  I took in my hand what we would normally eat back in the day, and cooked it, thinking there was no way it would result in more than 2 cups of cooked pasta.  By hell, we ended up with !4! cups of pasta!  No wonder we were on carb overload before!!!  So even if you feel confident about your eye measuring, do a lil reality check sometimes just to be sure.
Ok that's all for now.  Happy Eating :)

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