Saturday, October 8, 2011

Germs are bad.... Wheat Germs that is...

As I said I would yesterday, I did an experiment today to test a theory.  It turns out, I believe my theory is correct.

I started out the day with just some scrambled eggs.  Then I killed my eating until about 5pm today.  I needed to start out with a fairly empty gut.  I ran to Meijer's and bought some pasta & a few other other ingredients.  I came back and made some Mac & Cheese.  I also made a healthy lasagna for actual dinner.

Normally, after eating that much pasta (sometimes even while eating it) my body would just hate me.  I would be super bloated - and I do mean super.  My face would be hot, break out into a sweat, and even the next day it would seem to trigger eczema issues - red, itchy skin.  It would just be awful but dumbass me of course would never let go of the pasta.  This actually led to a lot of sick days a year or two ago, when we would eat pizza, I would just hurt so bad the next day - and my whole face would swell up, eyes all itchy.  I did quit pizza for awhile.

I always attributed this to the carbs.  While on the Atkins diet, any time I would fall off by eating pastas or breads (lots of carbs), my body would have that reaction and I so I associated this with an overload of carbs.

Last week, we threw a cup or so of WHEAT pasta in our salad to up calories and to change it up.  Just that little bit of pasta - and even though it was wheat - my body just flipped out on me.  I probably can't convey in words how just blah my body would be.

But tonight... my body had NONE of those reactions.  I feel completely normal and full.  (And still under my calorie count fyi).  So what the hell?  I bought GLUTEN-FREE pasta.  After last week of having just a little bit of wheat pasta, I was thinking there is no reason that small amount should cause my body to freak out.  So I started researching.

My theory?  I am glutent-intolerant aka have a gluten allergy.  Now it looks like there are 2 versions:  celiac disease and just allergy.  My inclination is that I am not celiactic (is that a word?) but instead my obesity has caused my body to develop an allergy to gluten.  All the years of sandwiches, pasta, breads, even oats - I mean omg no wonder!  They say if you go gluten-free you can repair the lining in your gut in about 3-6 months and life will feel even better - so that's now added to the goal list.

I am truly amazed that I ate that much pasta and I feel normal.  It makes soooooooo much sense.  I'm not even tired as I usually am.  It's just awesome.  Not that I want to eat that much pasta every day or even have pasta every day, but to finally figure this out feels great.  Of course, I will follow up with a gluten allergy test at the doctor's to confirm, but I feel fairly confident.

So if you're feeling like crap after eating wheat/flour/and a whole host of other related things - check out the gluten allergy theory.  It could explain so many things.

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